Контејнер Трацкер како да управљају логистичку ауто?

Прво, логистика професија суочава са проблемом?
  1, how to ensure the safety of the goods, goods, according to the midway unloading away?
  2, how to prevent driver risk driving, theft of fuel, private use of the bus, pull private life?
  3. How to grasp the position of the vehicle in real time, to ensure the safety of the vehicle, and to optimize the driving route?
  4, the dispatching of vehicles is disordered, the power is low, and the cost is progressing.
  Two. How do you use the GPS locator to deal with the above problems?
  1, the completion of the logistics transport process of transparency, the security of goods safety and distribution has a guarantee, handling the traditional logistics “goods are announced, what is not known” situation
  2, handling the problem of logistics scheduling and handling difficult, at any time to grasp the state of each car, the ability of the logistics enterprises to operate the slow vehicle monitoring ability is improved.
  3, the personnel handling and scheduling more convenient, the whole track record of the track, to avoid the private use of the bus, pull private life, random reimbursement and other phenomena.
  So the choice of kontejner Трацкер to see whether there are location, track playback, fleet management, cross-border alarm, electronic fence, overspeed alarm etc. these functions, and customer service is crucial, because if you need to use the channel, not only cheaper, I use Hisamichi logistics products can also be.

Време: Јун-31-2018

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