Generator Monitoring

System Overview

Base generator operation system is the integrated management system which developed on the daily operation procedures, it includes features like generator real time status and alarm monitoring, operation procedure management, operation personnel management, daily maintenance management, major repair management, accessories management, and basic information management, etc.

Generator Status Monitoring:

Real time base operation status and alarms monitoring, support main control panels, support up to 37 status and 18 alarms monitoring

Maintenance and Major repair procedure management

Maintenance and Entry: When the maintenance finished, the information can be entered via mobile and upload the captured pictures to center, or can be entered by designated person to PC when get back office


plan for next month

Plan’s auditing

management auditing

Plan’s dispatching

Circulated with
Executive body maintenance outlets

Plan’s dispatching

Overhaul repair unit
After the treatment is completed, the factory registration

Register in factory

Generator is taken to factory to register and repair

Repair process management

Alarm management: When the alarm triggered, the alarm will be immediately sent to preset mobile from directors, engineers, and technician, to inform them the base basic information, generator status, possible faulty, and relevant information, in case the personnel can take prompt and right action.

Job Entry:After the rush repair, the repaired conditions can be entered from mobile app, and upload with captured photos; or entered by designated personal in computer when back to office.

 Rush Repair Report:  All the rush repair history report can be checked as per day, per week, or per month, the report can be generated for clients.
For the repairing beyond set time, there will be red character displayed.

  Date analysis: The system can analyze the rush repair in every month, includes the time spent, accessories replaced, station location, repairing frequency, and generator years in service, etc.




Control panel

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