With a pet tracker, no longer afraid of pets lost

Wearables as an emerging industry has long been a concern Recently, a new smart wearable device, the Pet Tracker, has been introduced to help pet users locate, track and protect pets carrying the device.

Gartner, an internationally renowned research firm, predicts that 2020 will be a watershed in the global technology industry. By then, wearable device revenue will exceed smartphones, reaching $61.7 billion, and wearable device sales are expected to reach 477.75 million. The famous market research company Transparency Market Research (TMR) estimates that by 2025, the global pet electronic equipment market will reach 2.5 billion US dollars, of which the Chinese market share will exceed 20%.

Following a market trend, a company launched the first Qualcomm new chip platform on the market, the first pet smart wearable IoT solution that supports NB-Internet of Things – Pet Tracker This device can accurately locate the pet. And generate pet movement tracks. In addition, the tracker can also use the mobile app to set the security range. Once the pet leaves the user’s pre-set security range, the user will receive a warning from SMS, email or system push. At the Asian Pet Show held recently, the company and the Shanghai Man Pet Pet Products Co., Ltd. exhibited the pet tracker.

As the first pet tracker with LTE narrowband technology, the tracker continues the low energy consumption, a battery can support three weeks, and the battery life can be up to ten years in the low-power mode of the device. The tracker also supports multiple frequency bands, including the China Mobile specification NB-IoT 850MHz B5 band and 900 MHz B8 band. When the pet’s environment is unable to obtain the NB-IoT band, the tracker will automatically switch to 2G network mode to ensure that pets are always online.

The IoT solution represented by the tracker is the company’s long-standing technology in this field. It can be used not only for pet location tracking, but also for users to provide location tracking services for children and the elderly to avoid family loss; It can also serve some special vehicles, such as real-time monitoring of the location of cash trucks, prison cars, police cars, etc., to avoid unexpected situations. In addition, the technology is very malleable and can be used in conjunction with other IoT solutions. For example, with the vital signs supervision function, the wearable device can monitor the physical condition of the elderly in real time, and alert the family and doctors. Provide a physical condition analysis.

Committed to the ubiquitous provision of Android smart terminal and device solutions, the company’s tracker is a microcosm of its IoT solution.

Post time: Jun-11-2019

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