Smart lock maintenance and care

The lock industry has developed into a mature stage at a very early stage. The use of locks in the domestic hardware market is very common, but there are still many problems in the lock market today, and the biggest potential problem still occurs. In the quality of the lock industry, many locks are really far from the international locks. Many consumers have also reacted to the current stage of the anti-lock industry to develop into a mature stage in domestic hardware. The use of locks in the market is very common, but there are still many problems in the lock market today. The biggest potential problem is the quality of the lock industry. Many locks are really bad compared with international locks. Far away, many consumers also react to the current security door locks, if the quality is not good, it will bring losses to the economy. Secondly, people’s understanding of locks, including the maintenance of locks and maintenance during use, is because people’s understanding of locks is superficial. When encountering some small lock problems, they will find professionals in professional locksmiths to solve them. And can not analyze and solve it by yourself. Therefore, today we all come together to learn how to learn how to maintain and maintain the lock:

1. The door lock feels tight
If the door lock is installed, it feels very difficult to close the door. That is, the gap between the door leaf and the door frame cannot maintain a certain rule. If the door is outside the specified range, the door fan will be tightly squeezed, or the door leaf and the door frame are not the size. The same, so when shopping locks, everyone must be clear;

2. Learn the choice of lock cylinder
When selecting the lock cylinder, first of all, it is necessary to know whether the lock that needs to be installed is in the outdoor or indoors. If it is the former, it is recommended that everyone choose the lock core of the B or higher, and the safety index is quite higher; if it is Indoors, we can choose A-class lock core or coin-slot lock cylinder without marbles, because in the room we close the door lock is not used much, some even do not lock, so the general installation is relatively simple The lock cylinder is fine;

3. Selection of lock body
Usually the door locks of the households are mainly multi-mode lock tongues, mainly for the purpose of improving the anti-theft, anti-shock and anti-cutting functions; if it is indoors, you can choose a single tongue or a double-tongue lock body;

4. Lock cylinder maintenance
Usually, the lock cylinder is used for a long time, and the surface is easy to leave an oxide layer, so that the more the more the product, the more the plug is not smooth. In this case, we can apply some special lubricant for the lock cylinder, or The lock cylinder maintenance fluid helps to eliminate the oxide layer and achieves smooth opening and unlocking. However, it is forbidden to participate in any other oil to make it smooth to prevent the grease from sticking to the marble spring, causing the lock to not rotate and not open.

Post time: Jun-27-2019

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