Jointech at “Intermodal Aisa 2018″

The Intermodal Aisa 2018 witnessed a grand opening in Shanghai Expo on April 20th.


This exposition will focus on the huge opportunity under the background of “One Belt and Road”,clustering domestic and global new technologies and products from some relevant industries,such as containers,intermodal equipments and shipping businesses. One hundred and sixty companies from home and abroad are attracted to visit this exposition, covering more than 90 countries. At the same time, experts ,celebrities, corporation principals also presented upon invitation, commentating on  some hot topics ,such as “One belt and road” development, global intermodal cooperations, technical forum about intermodal, global shipping lines, referigator logistics, applications of tanks and environmental protection of container business.  Platform integration and the digital future of container logistics, China’s intermodal future and key trends are discussed by them, making this exposition become the most important annual meeting for containers in Aisa.


Upon invitation from ” Smart Shipping Technology Forum”, Jointech gave a keynote speech on ” Application among logistics equipments for Smart terminal with NB & marginal computing “and exchanged ideas with audience.


During the exposition, clients from different countries are attracted by our E-seal trackers and container trackers, including Israel , Japan, France, Holland, Germany, UK,

Philippines, Russia and so on. They have expressed tremendous interest on container monitoring solution and some smart terminals exhibited.


Post time: Jul-31-2018

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