Intelligent Lock

The advantages of intelligent lock:
Smart locks are different from traditional mechanical locks, and smart locks are more secure in terms of user identification, security, and management. The smart lock smart part is reflected in whether the mobile phone can be remotely controlled and linked with the smart home. The smart lock can be divided into a fingerprint lock, a magnetic card lock, a radio frequency card lock and the like. The advantage of the smart lock is reflected in the convenience, unlike the traditional mechanical lock, forgetting to bring the key, you can not unlock. Today’s smart locks are connected to mobile devices, and it is convenient to open the door only with the phone settings. There is security. Traditional locks also worry about the risk of being shackled, but smart locks don’t need to worry about this. In addition, it is interactive. The intelligent door lock also supports a remote intelligent monitoring system with interoperability.



Post time: Sep-03-2019

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