GPS Lock

With the rapid development of technology, GPS lock is widely used. GPS Lock is an electronic lock with GPS positioning and electronic lock intelligent control. People combines satellite positioning technology, wireless transmission technology, Bluetooth, WIFI communication technology to  design a highly integrated intelligent electronic lock.

GPS lock is a new type of electronic lock for mobile target positioning communication. It uses GPS satellite positioning technology, GSM, GPRS technology, and active RFID technology to provide networked mobile target positioning communication services and small area positioning.

GPS lock uses GPS positioning, GSM ,GPRS TCP ,UDP communication technology.It supports GSM 850,900,1800 and 1900 MHz.

It uses active UHF 900M Hz RFID, which can perform wireless communication in the area.

It uses the latest GPS chip, which has extremely high sensitivity and small offset range.It is the design of scientific electric control lock. It is also anti-fold.

It has a high-capacity lithium battery, low standby power consumption. What’s more,It has super long standby for 30 days.

It has a comprehensive high-end waterproof design, and it is designed for logistics vehicles, and is perfectly suitable for long-term outdoor use.

It supports mobile phone SMS query positioning, switch lock and set the operating parameters of this device.

Common bicycles in life also use GPS locks. The way of bicycle GPS positioning system is to build a GPS locator on each bicycle and manage each vehicle through the management software system background.

GPS mainly has the function of tracking and positioning. The wireless communication module is a bridge for information communication between the monitored end and the control end. It is responsible for sending position information and receiving remote control instructions.

Post time: Apr-02-2020

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