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  • GPS tracker

    GPS tracker

    GPS tracker is a terminal with built-in GPS module and mobile communication module. It is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module (GSM/GPRS network), so as to query the location of the GPS tracker on the...
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  • Electronic lock out of power and unlocking method and maintenance method

    Electronic lock out of power and unlocking method and maintenance method

    The electronic lock we use is mainly supported by electricity, but if the electronic lock is out of power, it will affect its normal use, but the electronic lock is still very safe. So how to open the electronic lock when it is out of power? How to open the electronic lock 1. If it is an electron...
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  • How the GPS tracker works

    How the GPS tracker works

    The GPS tracker is a terminal with a built-in GPS module and a mobile communication module. It is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module, so that the location of the terminal can be checked on a computer...
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  • электромагнитті Lock

    How the electromagnetic lock works The design principle of the electromagnetic lock is to use the principle of electromagnetism. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will generate a strong suction to attract the iron plate to achieve the effect of lock...
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  • The Functions Of GPS Tracker

    1. Positioning function. The GPS tracker has an instant positioning function to keep track of the position information of the object being tracked. 2. Alarm function. The GPS tracker can take emergency alarm functions in the event of an abnormality, such as displacement alarm, overspeed alarm, an...
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  • The Flow Sensor

    The flow sensor can be docked with various types of terminals in two ways: one is the RS232 serial interface and the GPS terminal. The other is the CAN bus interface, which is shared freely by the instrument or vehicle terminal supplier. 1. RS232 serial interface integration is realized by a fuel...
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  • Container Tracking Devices Advtages

    Container Tracking Devices Advtages

    Automatic operation, improve the efficiency of all parties: the smart reservation distribution system of the suitcase is built on the special database and WEB service. Based on the customized development of the program script, the 24-hour suitcase reservation application and automatic box release...
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  • Код Lock

    Code lock purchase With the continuous improvement of living standards and the development of science and technology, many home smart devices have been recognized by everyone. The most popular one is the smart code lock. So where is the smart code lock? How to choose a code lock? First, you need ...
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  • Bluetooth Padlock

    Bluetooth padlock, the appearance looks like the ordinary traditional padlock, the only difference is that there is a “smart heart”, the biggest advantage of the Bluetooth padlock is that it does not require a key, eliminating the need to carry. Directly controlled by a smart phone, e...
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  • How does container tracking devices work?

    The tracking of containers is based on satellite positioning and vehicle APP positioning technology, and borrows Internet technology to seamlessly connect containerized goods, vehicles, customs declarations and container ships to realize full-track tracking management services. The most common is...
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  • GPS Tracker

    How the GPS tracker works: The GPS tracker transmits signals based on satellite positioning. For navigational positioning, the position of the GPS tracker is calculated from the ephemeris transmitted by the satellite, a parameter describing the motion of the satellite and its orbit. GPS trackers ...
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  • Зияткерлік Lock

    The advantages of intelligent lock: Smart locks are different from traditional mechanical locks, and smart locks are more secure in terms of user identification, security, and management. The smart lock smart part is reflected in whether the mobile phone can be remotely controlled and linked with...
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  • NFC Lock

    Features of NFC door locks: NFC door locks are durable and meet national standards. If you use the mobile phone NFC to unlock, the phone must support NFC. The NFC door lock supports setting different types of keys to open the same lock. In addition, NFC supports remote authorization to unlock the...
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  • отын Датчик

    Product description of fuel sensor: The fuel sensor is used for oil level detection of trucks. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. The output signal has high precision, stability and continuity, and various functions are integrated. Its main features are liquid level detection and...
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  • Отын деңгей датчигі

    The fuel level sensor is a component that causes a change in the capacitance between the sensor housing and the sensing electrode after the oil enters the container, and converts the change into a current change to detect the position  of the oil in the container. Method for detecting fuel level ...
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  • Smart Lock

    Related introduction: The smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management than the traditional mechanical lock. The smart lock is an execution component of the lock door in the access control system. The smart spot of the smart lock ...
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  • генераторы мониторингі

    Advantages of generator remote monitoring system: 1.Start the service only when we needed. 2.Greatly reduce the impact of theft of fuel. 3.Remote test start generator to reduce startup problems. 4.Remote monitoring is convenient for grasping the opportunity. Generator remote monitoring working p...
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  • Smart lock maintenance and care

    The lock industry has developed into a mature stage at a very early stage. The use of locks in the domestic hardware market is very common, but there are still many problems in the lock market today, and the biggest potential problem still occurs. In the quality of the lock industry, many locks a...
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  • With a pet tracker, no longer afraid of pets lost

    Wearables as an emerging industry has long been a concern Recently, a new smart wearable device, the Pet Tracker, has been introduced to help pet users locate, track and protect pets carrying the device. Gartner, an internationally renowned research firm, predicts that 2020 will be a watershed in...
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  • August Smart Lock is just $99 on Amazon right now

    In all the hubbub around the smart home, we often talk about light bulbs, cameras, and other things that it’s easy to tell a virtual assistant to act on. One thing that I see less often than others is the front door, rather the deadbolt that seals the entrance to your sanctum. One of the be...
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  • Denver police can shoot cars with GPS trackers if they flee

    With the push of a button, Denver police officers can now blast an adhesive, soup-can-size GPS tracker at fleeing vehicles and remotely follow the cars from a phone app. It may seem like a tool Batman would use, but Denver police hope the technology will allow them to avoid dangerous pursuits of ...
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  • қашықтан есірткі мониторингін жүзеге асыру мақсаттары қандай?

    қашықтан есірткі мониторингін жүзеге асыру мақсаттары қандай?

    барлық белгілі болғандай, есірткі қоймалар басқа сайттар ерекшеленеді. олар химиялық өнімдер ретінде сақталады, өйткені, экологиялық температура мен ылғалдылық қойылатын талаптар өте қатаң. есірткі қашықтан мониторинг жүйесі негізгі орган, кешенді анықтау құрылғысы ретінде компьютерге жатады ...
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  • кедендік контейнер қадағалау үшін қандай талаптар қойылады?

    кедендік контейнер қадағалау үшін қандай талаптар қойылады?

    кедендік контейнер қадағалау үшін қандай талаптар қойылады? Осы шығарылымды мақалада Jiutong IOT компаниясының Xiaobian барлығына сізді таныстырады: 1. терезесінде (автокөлік) құрылымы тығыз және толық болып табылады, және терезесінде (автокөлік) пломбалауға бөлігі кедендік пломбалар қолданылуы мүмкін. тауарларды Егер ...
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