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  • Fuel Sensor

    Product description of fuel sensor: The fuel sensor is used for oil level detection of trucks. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. The output signal has high precision, stability and continuity, and various functions are integrated. Its main features are liquid level detection and...
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  • Eldsneyti Level Sensor

    The fuel level sensor is a component that causes a change in the capacitance between the sensor housing and the sensing electrode after the oil enters the container, and converts the change into a current change to detect the position  of the oil in the container. Method for detecting fuel level ...
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  • Smart Lock

    Related introduction: The smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management than the traditional mechanical lock. The smart lock is an execution component of the lock door in the access control system. The smart spot of the smart lock ...
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  • rafall Vöktun

    Advantages of generator remote monitoring system: 1.Start the service only when we needed. 2.Greatly reduce the impact of theft of fuel. 3.Remote test start generator to reduce startup problems. 4.Remote monitoring is convenient for grasping the opportunity. Generator remote monitoring working p...
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  • Smart lock maintenance and care

    The lock industry has developed into a mature stage at a very early stage. The use of locks in the domestic hardware market is very common, but there are still many problems in the lock market today, and the biggest potential problem still occurs. In the quality of the lock industry, many locks a...
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  • With a pet tracker, no longer afraid of pets lost

    Wearables as an emerging industry has long been a concern Recently, a new smart wearable device, the Pet Tracker, has been introduced to help pet users locate, track and protect pets carrying the device. Gartner, an internationally renowned research firm, predicts that 2020 will be a watershed in...
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  • August Smart Lock is just $99 on Amazon right now

    In all the hubbub around the smart home, we often talk about light bulbs, cameras, and other things that it’s easy to tell a virtual assistant to act on. One thing that I see less often than others is the front door, rather the deadbolt that seals the entrance to your sanctum. One of the be...
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  • Denver police can shoot cars with GPS trackers if they flee

    With the push of a button, Denver police officers can now blast an adhesive, soup-can-size GPS tracker at fleeing vehicles and remotely follow the cars from a phone app. It may seem like a tool Batman would use, but Denver police hope the technology will allow them to avoid dangerous pursuits of ...
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  • Hver er tilgangurinn með ytra eftirlit eiturlyf?

    Hver er tilgangurinn með ytra eftirlit eiturlyf?

    Eins er vitað að allir eru eiturlyf vöruhús aðgreindar frá öðrum stöðum. Vegna þess að þeir eru geymdar sem efnavörur, kröfur um hitastig og rakastig umhverfis eru mjög ströng. Lyfið fjarlægur eftirlitskerfi átt við tölvuna sem meginmáli, samþætt uppgötvun tæki ...
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  • Hvaða kröfur eru gerðar til tolleftirliti gámur?

    Hvaða kröfur eru gerðar til tolleftirliti gámur?

    Hvaða kröfur eru gerðar til tolleftirliti gámur? Í grein þessu tölublaði er, Xiaobian Jiutong iot mun kynna þig fyrir alla: 1. Uppbygging af the kassi (bíll) er þétt og lokið og þéttingu hluti af the kassi (bíll) er hægt að beita við tollinnsigli. Ef varan a ...
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